Bitcoin+ Developer™

Navigate development depths leveraging Blockchain & Bitcoin

Bitcoin+ Developer™ certification program offers comprehensive training, covering fundamentals of Bitcoin and the underlying Blockchain technology, fundamentals of bitcoin scripting, building applications using bitcoin scripts, Layer 2 scaling solutions, real-world use cases, security best practices, integration with SDK/APIs, and insights into future trends. The program culminates with a hands-on project work for practical application and a capstone project.

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  • Familiarity with general programming concepts like data structures, algorithms and networks
  • Understanding of at least one legacy programming stack (e.g. Python, JavaScript, Java or similar)
  • Fundamental knowledge to use command line consoles on any operating system
  • Ability to understand developer concepts like SDKs, APIs, application development tools etc.
  • Experience with building end to end tiered applications

Exam Details



50 MCQs 90 Minutes

Passing Score70%

Certification Modules

  1. 1.1 Overview of Bitcoin Technology
  2. 1.2 Overview of Blockchain Technology
  1. 2.1 Fundamentals of Bitcoin Scripting Language
  2. 2.2 Components of Scripting Language Basics
  3. 2.3 Uses of Bitcoin Scripts
  4. 2.4 Execution Condition of Scripts
  5. 2.5 Security and Vulnerabilities in the Scripts
  1. 3.1 Standard Transactions
  2. 3.2 Trade and DeFi
  3. 3.3 Smart Contracts
  4. 3.4 Asset Definition
  1. 4.1 Basics of Layer 2
  2. 4.2 Different Layer 2 Projects
  1. 5.1 Payments Use Cases
  2. 5.2 Assets and Defi
  3. 5.3 Industry Use Cases
  4. 5.4 Integration with Other Tech- IoT
  1. 6.1 For Scripting Apps
  2. 6.2 General Security Practices
  3. 6.3 Keys and Smart Contracts
  4. 6.4 Off Chain
  5. 6.5 Layer 2
  1. 7.1 Basic Overview of SDK & APIs
  2. 7.2 BitcoinJS
  3. 7.3 BitcoinJ
  4. 7.4 Bitcoinlib
  5. 7.5 Bitcoin RPC Client (Python)
  6. 7.6 Deployment Strategies
  1. 8.1 Innovation in Bitcoin Applications
  2. 8.2 Innovation in Bitcoin Layer 2
  3. 8.3 Innovation in Asset Definition
  4. 8.4 Innovation in Bitcoin Interoperability
  5. 8.5 Innovation in Bitcoin Identity and Users
  6. 8.6 Innovation in Bitcoin Dev Tools

What Will You Learn?

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Bitcoin Scripting Language Proficiency

Learners will master Bitcoin's scripting language, involves Bitcoin Script's syntax, operations, and how it allows blockchain programmability.

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Bitcoin Scaling Solutions

Participants will study blockchain network scaling solutions. This includes how payment channels, sidechains, and state channels improve scalability and throughput while maintaining blockchain security and decentralization.

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Integration (SDK/APIs) and Deployment

Students learn how to integrate blockchain technology into applications and deploy blockchain-based solutions. SDKs, APIs, and blockchain network tools will be covered.

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Problem solving and Critical Thinking

Students will learn to identify difficulties, break them down into manageable parts, evaluate alternatives, and make data-driven decisions to solve complicated blockchain problems.

Industry Opportunities after Course Completion


This program is ideal for developers, software engineers, and IT professionals with an interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. It is suitable for individuals with a background in programming and a desire to build and secure Bitcoin applications.

Yes, the program includes comprehensive training on building applications using Bitcoin scripts, allowing you to create practical and functional applications.

Obtaining the Bitcoin+ Developer™ certification demonstrates proficiency in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, enhancing your personal credibility and professional development. It equips you with the skills needed to build secure and scalable Bitcoin applications, making you a valuable asset in the rapidly evolving field of cryptocurrency.

To enroll in the Bitcoin+ Developer™ certification program, visit our website and complete the registration process. You will need to meet the prerequisites and be prepared for an intensive 5-day training course.

The certification program includes a capstone project, which integrates the various skills and knowledge acquired during the course, ensuring you have practical experience in developing Bitcoin-based applications.