AI Certs Certified Trainer (AICT) Program

The Premier AI Certification for Instructors and Facilitators

The AI Certs Certified Trainer (AICT) Program is built with the training professional in mind. It seeks to create and support a community of qualified communicators to deliver and facilitate AI Certs courses for our Authorized Training Partners (“ATP”). The AICT Program allows AI Certs’ authorized partners, other organizations, and the marketplace to identify qualified individuals who can deliver training on AI Certs courses.

AICT Benefits

AICTs will be given early access to new certifications, and deeply discounted access to all AI Certs content. Additionally, AICTs have access to a community channel for networking. Keep an eye on this page for additional partnerships to be announced in the future.

AICT Qualifications

To become an AICT, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Be able to demonstrate teaching and facilitation skills
    • Submit a resume showing a minimum of 3 years teaching experience in an adult education setting.
    • For candidates with less than 3 years’ experience, a test teach may be requested.
  • Be able to demonstrate content mastery:
    • Pass the AI+ Executive examination with a score of 90% or higher. This is a requirement of all AICTs.
    • For each additional AI+ course that you wish to teach, you must pass the corresponding exam with a score of 90% or higher.
  • The candidate must complete an application which includes the AICT Nondisclosure Agreement.

Interested in Becoming an AICT?

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