Certs 365

Certs365™ revolutionizes certificate management by using blockchain technology for secure, trustworthy issuance and verification. Our solution embeds a unique, blockchain-verified QR code in each certificate, enabling easy, anytime verification directly on the blockchain, without needing extra software. This secure and convenient approach is coupled with customizable designs that match your brand, making Certs365™ a leap forward in digital certification standards. Join us in embracing the future of document verification where innovation meets trust.

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Proctoring 365

Proctoring 365™ offers a cutting-edge online proctoring solution that combines the efficiency of AI with the reliability of live monitoring, ensuring a secure and fair examination environment. Tailored for all quiz types, our platform is an all-encompassing tool for educators, trainers, and organizations in need of a robust assessment system. It's a user-friendly, web-based software that's forever free, requiring no credit card, supported by secure and high-performance servers. With features such as a diverse Question Bank, effective Candidates Management, versatile Certification options, and the ability to incorporate Rich Media into assessments, Proctoring 365 ensures your exams are both engaging and reliable. Our platform is recognized globally for its innovation in merging AI and Blockchain technologies, backed by an expertise-driven team.

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Trainer's Assistant 365

Trainer's Assistant 365 is an AI-powered tool for trainers and educators, enhancing training sessions and educational content delivery 24/7. It incorporates advanced analytics, personalized content, and interactive methods to improve learning experiences across various environments. This assistant supports engaging material creation, assessments, and real-time feedback, adapting to individual learning styles for tailored guidance.

Trainers 365

Trainers 365 offers AI-powered tools for trainers and educators to improve training delivery anytime. It features curriculum development, interactive modules, engagement analytics, and feedback systems. Educators can tailor programs to learner needs, offer immersive experiences, and track progress. It's adaptable to educational trends, enhancing training outcomes across corporate, academic, and personal learning environments.

Learning Advisor 365

Learning Advisor 365 redefines learning with AI, tailoring educational paths to individual and organizational needs. It uses deep learning to analyze preferences and objectives, adapting to feedback and goals for a personalized journey. The platform aligns skill development with business aims, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. It simplifies access to resources and tracks learning effectiveness, meeting the needs of modern learners and businesses

Crypto+ Bubble

Crypto+ Bubble is an engaging, interactive tool that visually represents the cryptocurrency market through a comprehensive bubble chart showcasing the top 1000 cryptocurrencies. This platform enables users to see variations in market metrics such as market capitalization, price changes, and trading volume, depicted through the size and movement of each bubble. It is available both as a website and a mobile application, designed to help users conduct their own research and stay informed about trends in the cryptocurrency markets without offering financial advice.

AI+ Bubble

AI+ Bubble is an interactive visualization tool that displays AI stock market data through a detailed bubble chart featuring top AI companies. It captures various market metrics like company valuations, stock price fluctuations, and trading volumes, each represented by the size and dynamics of the bubbles. Accessible online and as a mobile application, AI+ Bubble serves as a valuable resource for users to conduct independent research and keep up with trends in the AI stock market, providing a user-friendly interface for tracking the financial performance of leading AI firms.