What is AI CERTs™?

AI CERTs™ offers role-based AI and Blockchain Certifications. Our purpose is to promote the values of lifelong learning. We help companies build a smarter workforce, adapt to change, and drive growth. Our mission is to certify a billion people!

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We help you build a smarter workforce, adapt to change,
and drive growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Working professionals, entrepreneurs, students, startup founders, and more should consider getting certified with AI CERTs, offering industry recognized in-demand AI and Blockchain certifications, to enhance their expertise and career prospects in these cutting-edge fields.

Certificates demonstrate completion of a specific course or training, focusing on acquiring particular knowledge or skills. Certifications, on the other hand, validate expertise and competence in a field through standardized exams and ongoing requirements, ensuring sustained proficiency.

Role-based certifications provide targeted skills and knowledge, enhancing job performance and career advancement. They demonstrate expertise in specific areas, increase employability, and often lead to higher salaries and better job opportunities. The AI CERTs website offers specialized role-based certifications in AI and blockchain, tailored for professionals seeking to advance their careers in these fields with in-demand programs.

Yes, you can get an AI certification without a technical background. AI CERTs offers programs designed for individuals with non-technical as well as technical backgrounds, individuals, making AI knowledge accessible to everyone.

The AI Certs website offers extensive support for learners, including access to expert educators, business coaches, and advisors. Additionally, learners benefit from detailed guidance through certifications tailored for AI and blockchain specializations, ensuring comprehensive learning and professional development.

The AI CERTs exams are conducted online and are designed to validate the candidate's knowledge in AI and Blockchain domains. Exams include multiple-choice questions, case studies, and practical exercises, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of skills.

Yes, AI CERTs™ certifications are globally recognized. They are designed by the industry and subject matter experts and offer comprehensive knowledge on AI and blockchain specializations, covering the industry demands. For detailed information, visit AI CERTs™ Store

For group discounts or corporate training, you can reach out to us through support@aicerts.io for detailed information.

Our certification development process involves rigorous industry analysis, curriculum design by subject matter experts, pilot testing, and continuous updates based on feedback and emerging trends to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

To follow ISO 17024:2012 standards, ensure consistent compliance through regular training, audits, and updates to processes and documentation. Adopting a culture of continuous improvement and leveraging certifications can also help maintain adherence.

The certification development process involves a team of experts, including educators from leading universities, business coaches, AI subject matter experts, certification strategists, and senior directors of learning and development

The course content on AI CERTs™ is designed to be up-to-date, reflecting the latest advancements and best practices in AI and blockchain technologies. The certifications offered are continuously updated to ensure relevance in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.