Authorized Partners

Our Authorized Training Partners

Join the AI Certs Authorized Training Partner (ATP) Program and open up exciting avenues for your organization to amplify artificial intelligence and blockchain training business. As a partner, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits, role-based certification exams and training materials, volume discounts, comprehensive marketing support materials, specialized sales training, and access to a wealth of instructor resources. Our program is strategically crafted to assist your organization in training and certifying a larger number of individuals across diverse business sectors and market segments. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your training business and make a lasting impact on the AI education landscape with AI Certs.

Fast Lane
NetCom Learning
IT College
ITG Corp
Captain Hyperscaler
Nexus Human
Compu Educacion
Adept Solutions Pvt Ltd
Conesa Networks
Cierra TEC

Authorized Trainers

AI Certs Certified Trainer Program

AI+ Certified Trainer

The AI Certs Certified Trainer (AICT) Program was built with the training professional in mind. It seeks to create and support a community of qualified communicators to deliver and facilitate AI Certs courses for our Authorized Training Partners (“ATP”). The AICT Program allows AI Certs’ authorized partners, other organizations, and the marketplace to identify qualified individuals who can deliver training on AI Certs courses.

By joining this group, trainers who are part of the AICT Program are a key asset in today’s world which is rapidly adopting artificial intelligence technologies. AICT Program members are entitled to several benefits including early access to new courses, a community channel for networking, and a voice in shaping the future of training in the world of artificial intelligence.

Our Academic Partners

The AI Certs Authorized Academic Partner Program (AAP) offers schools a range of tools and resources to boost enrollments by providing state-of-the-art training and certification options for all roles of business.  Align industry role-based certification to your existing program for skill validation and industry recognition. By joining this program, academic partners gain access to academic pricing, comprehensive marketing support materials, strategic enrollment positioning, valuable classroom resources, and more. Let us support you in expanding and enhancing your curriculum or offering new curriculum. Join our academic partner program today and take advantage of these benefits to grow your academic offerings and better serve your students.

Columbia University
The City University of New York
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
State University of New York

Our Authorized Content Partners

Becoming an Authorized Content Partner with AI Certs opens a world of opportunities for those looking to enhance their AI programs or develop content in this dynamic field. By aligning your content with our industry-recognized certifications, you not only increase its value and validity but also provide learners with credentials that are highly respected in the industry. As a partner, you’ll receive resources and support to help you align your content effectively, ensuring it meets the high standards expected by our certification programs. Additionally, partners enjoy exclusive benefits not available to non-partner providers, making this program a valuable opportunity for those looking to make a mark in the AI education space. Join us and be part of a community dedicated to advancing AI education and empowering learners worldwide.

Guni Guru