AI CERTs™ and techtrain365 Unite to Reimagine AI Education 

AI Certs™, a specialist in AI and Blockchain certification, and techtrain365, a provider of expert remote learning solutions, have established a strategic alliance to empower future professionals. 

New York, NY, United States, Mar 2024

AI Certs™, the recognized authority on AI and Blockchain certification, has formed a partnership with techtrain365, an organization that provides professional remote learning. This strategic cooperation addresses the growing need for AI and blockchain knowledge. 

AI Certs™ provide industry-recognized certifications that deliver value with sought-after skills and empower individuals for the AI era. techtrain365 focuses on making upskilling simple, providing workers with relevant skills for the future. The vision is to establish technology and business acumen as the primary pillars of professional growth. Offerings include easily accessible distance learning, customized programs, and collaborative learning settings for better information exchange. 

The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2025, 50% of all current jobs will require significant reskilling and upskilling. The surge of AI-related roles in 2023 highlights the AI skills gap. The demand for AI skills is outpacing the current workforce’s capabilities, potentially hindering innovation. However, a strategic partnership between AI Certs™ and techtrain365 offers a solution. AI Certs™ offers industry-recognized certifications for diverse AI roles, while techtrain365 provides high-quality remote learning solutions. This approach democratizes access to AI education and equips professionals with the necessary expertise to thrive in the evolving AI landscape, ensuring a more inclusive and effective workforce. 

Speaking about the partnership, Scott Pettit, VP of Products and Partnerships at AI Certs™, remarked, “Our partnership with techtrain365 marks a significant advancement in delivering accessible and thorough AI education. Their dedication to keeping professionals informed about the latest developments complements our mission perfectly. We are excited about the opportunities this creates for professionals to establish a robust foundation in AI. This collaboration demonstrates our mutual commitment to advancing the future of AI education.” 

Joseph Childrose, CISO at techtrain365, believes that AI represents a major turning point in information technology and information security on par with the personal computer revolution and the advent of the World Wide Web. “Because of the major shift that the use of AI represents in the IT industry, our plans for 2024 and beyond prioritizes collaboration with AI Certs™. We have seen a growing demand from our clients for gaining enhanced expertise in AI tool utilization across their IT teams for use in daily operations. We are aligned with Russell Sarder’s vision and commend Scott Pettit and his team for their successful implementation. We are excited to partner with them to offer this cutting edge AI training.

Our plans for 2024 and beyond prioritizes collaboration with AI Certs™. We have seen a growing demand from our clients for enhanced expertise in AI tool utilization within their teams for daily operations. We are aligned with Russell Sarder’s vision and commend Scott Pettit and his team for their successful implementation. We are excited to partner with them.

Richard Robb, CFO at techtrain365, sees artificial intelligence as your super-smart personal assistant that helps you make better decisions. Whether it is a multi-million-dollar decision of where to place your distribution center or just needing to know the differences between two products that you are deciding to purchase. (“Put them into a comparison table for me, AI”) Your doctor might need to confirm a diagnosis and as long as they securely provide the necessary data, the assistant can confirm the diagnosis and possibly provide alternatives that were not considered. Even without full autonomous driving, your car might detect a lane drift and correct it or vibrate the steering wheel. Yes, AI is on our phones, in our cars, and even a part of our favorite apps. But the bulk of the world does not really understand AI. It truly still is in the early phases.  

Just like AI needs to learn, so do the people using it. For some, it is like magic that makes things work better. For others, it is downright scary. How do we make sure it is fair and unbiased? And what if it makes a mistake? The key to understanding is gaining knowledge. We feel that AI Certs™ has the premier AI courseware and certifications out there and techtrain365 is proud to partner with Scott Pettit and his team! 

 This partnership can create a robust learning ecosystem, offering industry-validated skills, expert-led training, flexible learning, and career transformation in the AI and Blockchain revolution. 

About AI Certs™ 

AI Certs™ empowers technical and business professionals with a comprehensive suite of role-based AI and Blockchain certifications. These certifications are meticulously designed to align with the esteemed ISO 17024:2012 standards, guaranteeing the highest quality and credibility. They are also industry-validated by giant like Microsoft and Google. 

AI Certs™ is committed to keeping pace with the ever-evolving tech landscape. Our ever-expanding portfolio, with over 33 additional certifications in development, provides industry-relevant and up-to-date knowledge. This expansive range caters to a diverse audience, from customer service reps to executives to developers and more seeking to leverage these transformative technologies for strategic advantage. 



About techtrain365 

techtrain365 is a company founded by experienced instructors in business, IT, and cybersecurity. They offer expert remote learning, providing high-quality education for professionals. Their mission is to equip professionals with technical and business skills for future challenges. They focus on providing in-depth, industry-relevant training programs that are accessible and impactful for all levels. Their vision is to make technology and business skills education the cornerstone of professional development, making advanced communication, team building, and technical skills accessible to all.