R&D Executive – Blockchain (Research and Curation) 

Role Overview:

As an R&D Executive focused on Blockchain at AI Certs™, you will be responsible for conducting extensive research in the field of Blockchain technology, curating relevant content, and contributing to the development of Blockchain certification programs. Your efforts will play a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and relevance of our Blockchain certifications.


1. Blockchain Research:

  • Conduct comprehensive research on Blockchain technologies, use cases, and trends.
  • Stay informed about the latest developments in Blockchain platforms, cryptocurrencies, and applications.
  • Analyze research findings to extract valuable insights.

2. Content Curation:

  • Curate Blockchain-related content, including research papers, case studies, and tutorials.
  • Select and organize resources for inclusion in Blockchain certification programs.
  • Collaborate with content writers and instructional designers to integrate curated content.

3. Curriculum Enhancement:

  • Collaborate with instructional designers to enhance Blockchain certification curricula.
  • Provide input on course content, learning objectives, and materials.
  • Ensure that Blockchain courses align with the most recent industry advancements.

4. Knowledge Sharing:

  • Share research findings and insights with the internal team and stakeholders.
  • Contribute to thought leadership content related to Blockchain.
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts to exchange knowledge and expertise.

5. Innovation Support:

  • Support innovation initiatives related to Blockchain and decentralized technologies.
  • Participate in discussions and ideation sessions for new Blockchain certification programs.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Blockchain, Computer Science, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in Blockchain research and curation roles.
  • Strong knowledge of Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and use cases.
  • Exceptional research and analytical skills.
  • Effective communication and collaboration abilities.
  • Enthusiasm for staying updated with Blockchain advancements.
  • Alignment with AI Certs™’ mission and values.

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