Blockchain SME (Labs)

Role Overview:

As a Blockchain Subject Matter Expert (SME) specializing in Labs at AI Certs, your primary focus will be on creating and maintaining blockchain lab environments that facilitate experiential learning. You will be responsible for developing lab exercises and projects that allow learners to apply blockchain concepts and skills in practical scenarios. Your dedication to troubleshooting, maintaining, and improving lab resources ensures that learners have a seamless and enriching educational experience.


  • Lab Development: Design and build blockchain lab environments with the necessary tools, platforms, and simulations to provide hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Practical Exercises: Create lab exercises and projects that challenge and engage learners, helping them apply blockchain concepts and develop relevant skills.
  • Technical Support: Offer technical assistance to learners, guiding them in resolving technical issues encountered during lab activities.
  • Lab Updates: Regularly update and maintain lab environments to reflect current blockchain technologies, use cases, and best practices.
  • Feedback Incorporation: Actively incorporate learner feedback to improve lab experiences, address concerns, and enhance learning outcomes

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